Employment Application Form

Thank you for your expressed interest in applying for a position at Margaret Jurd College. This is the first stage of the schools employment process. These stages are:

  1. This Application
  2. First interview
  3. Second interview and/or presentation of unit of work to students (teachers’ positions only).
  4. 6 month probationary period of employment.
  5. Permanent Employment

Please download the job description for the position you have expressed interest in inclusive of the selection criteria for the position. Please ensure that you address all of the criteria listed in the job description as part of your application. Please note that applicants who do not address the criteria appropriately will be culled. It is our desire to employ the best possible person in this position and this can only happen if we receive all of the information requested.

If you have any questions or require assistance completing your application, please contact us.


  • Please list in reverse chronological order and include referee names and contact details for at least your three most recent employers.
  • File Attachments

    Please attach a copy of your Curriculum vitae and Letter of Application addressing the selection criteria (read it again just to make sure all criteria have been addressed).

    The following are for teachers’ positions only:

    • Educational Program developed against curriculum outcomes and Board of Studies course descriptors that you have developed, delivered and evaluated.
    • Individual Education Plan for a student with behavioural and /or learning disorder that you have developed (please remove any identifying features to protect the students’ anonymity).
      • Note: Maximum file attachment size: 5mb.