Margaret Jurd College (MJC) is pleased to announce a new program for our students with the generous support of Lenity Australia. Students at MJC will now have their uniforms and shoes funded for the next three years (starting 2016) through the Student Uniforms and Shoes Program, funded by Lenity Australia. The program is designed to enhance the emotional wellbeing of our students by helping to instil a sense of dignity, belonging and school pride through access to the school uniform and quality footwear.

Lenity Australia is an independent, not for profit, registered charity that provides additional financial support to established projects. This amazing charity achieves its objectives by providing care and education to the very poor, destitute and homeless and support to the vulnerable, exploited and abused, particularly women and girls.

The students, staff and Board of MJC would like to extend a huge thank you to Lenity Australia for their generous support of the Student Uniforms and Shoes Program and we look forward to a long association with this fantastic charity organisation.

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