Margaret Jurd College was born out of a vision to empower young people through supported education and care. Newcastle Youth Service (NYS) was a street service supporting young people at risk within the Newcastle Area.

Established as a ministry of the Hamilton Uniting Church Parish the service quickly became a vital part of the Youth Welfare Sector in Newcastle. In 1985 the board of NYS commenced a Tutorial Service in Carrington, using the premises of the old Carrington Club Hotel as an extension of the service. The need for supported alternative education comprising an accommodation service became quickly apparent.

Margaret Jurd College was moved to its Lambton premises and grew from a tutorial centre to a registered school in 1996. The vision and drive from the beginning came from Dr Margaret Jurd; a Dr of Psychology who was integral in every step of the NYS story. Dr Jurd’s reputation for her work with disadvantaged youth established her as a widely respected figure amongst the community.

The Centre was named in her honour after her passing and continues to grow in the direction inspired by her.