The school operates classes from the Shortland campus which was purpose built in 2010. The school comprises of four general classrooms with separate withdrawal rooms attached. All classrooms have been fitted with 12 computer terminals for student usage and Smartboard technology that allows classes to access the internet and use IT resources available for program delivery.

The grounds of the school are shared with Shortland Uniting Church which adds a wonderful warm feeling of community for the students. Involvement with the church includes BBQ’s, pancake days, Christmas Celebrations etc. Volunteers from the church become involved with 1:1 in-class support and tutoring which adds to the sense of belonging for both students and the congregation.

Students enjoy break times in the school by utilising a half-size basketball court under the COLA, enjoying relaxing on the grassed area at the front of the school or by kicking a ball out the back with staff on the schools tree studded park like area whilst enjoying the Indigenous artwork and graffiti style murals along the fenceline .

In 2012 the school added a Science Laboratory to enable students to enjoy the full practical experience of science that is available in mainstream schools.

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