How to Apply for Enrolment

Applications are completed online via the school’s website via this link.  Any enquiries made by phone or email are addressed by the school’s Wellbeing Coordinator or Administration staff.  For families with no internet access an application package can be forwarded. You are asked to collect the following information and forward it to the College along with the completed application form:

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Up to date immunisation records (if available)
  • A student transfer form completed by the students last school attended
  • A Behaviour Risk Management form completed by the student’s last school attended
  • A copy of all current Psychological and Educational reports.

After the College has been provided with all of the requested information a meeting will be scheduled where we can meet the young person and explore their individual needs. This meeting is held to assess whether or not the Margaret Jurd College will be the right placement for the student.

The College Wellbeing Coordinator and other Executive Team members collect all the relevant reports and conduct a needs assessment based on reports received, information collected through history check completed with previous schools attended and case conference outcomes. Students assessed as having high support needs are prioritised. Needs assessed as high include mental health or other relevant diagnoses, homelessness or other life risk factors, student’s ability to maintain mainstream schooling, emotional and / or social needs based on histories of abuse or neglect, support network or access to alternative support if not accepted.

Students are notified of their acceptance to the College and placed on the waiting list. Students are placed from the list in accordance with needs assessment and time waiting. Once a position comes available a Offer of Enrolment Contract will be issued.

For information on the school please view the school’s Enrolment Handbook. To apply for enrolment please contact us to request an application form. If you require any help with this process please contact the school and ask for help. The staff at the school are more than happy to provide as much assistance with enrolment as needed so please don’t hesitate in calling.