Our program


Margaret Jurd College caters for all students of years 9 to 12.

Every student is provided with a personal, tailored education program which covers the state curriculum and is approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

The size of classes is restricted to 12 to 15 students. This small setting allows teachers to dedicate time solely to all students, ensuring their academic, physical and emotional needs are met. Margaret Jurd College places equal focus on supporting remediated needs so that students who may have gaps in their education can meet the minimal required standards.

Classes are supported by a teacher and student learning support officer while each student can also gain emotional and wellbeing support from a dedicated Wellbeing Team.

Every student is provided with access to a mobile computer while at school with heavily supported web-based education programs allowing for flexibility of delivery.

Our teachers

Our teachers all have an exceptional history of working alongside students with special considerations. They have proven, established classroom management practices that help students with limited attention spans and work avoidance strategies achieve.

Our teachers are committed to individualising our students’ work requirements and adjusting the manner in which they teach to improve their opportunities for success.

Students/Special Needs

Margaret Jurd College provides support tailored to every student’s unique needs.

To ensure every student receives the best assistance possible, we work with carers and parents understand every individual’s needs.

This includes gathering all details and history about the student’s behavioural requirements, health diagnosis, pre-existing strategies and support aids from glasses, accessibility through to seating requirements.

Case Management

We understand that starting a new school can be overwhelming and challenging. That’s why all students are individually supported by a team of six people who are part of the Margaret Jurd College Wellbeing Team.

These highly experienced case workers provide emotional care and support as students work through thoughts and feelings about their experience upon entering the new school environment and then continuously throughout the student’s educational journey at Margaret Jurd College.

This includes exploring and implementing behavioural strategies while fine-tuning each until the student feels comfortable in managing these. The team also helps young people set goals and take practical steps toward achieving them. This is about helping students understand the impact their current choices and behaviours have on achieving those goals.

Student Support

The welfare of students is our highest priority. We do this in a discrete manner without judgment or prejudice.

To that end, we take a holistic approach to every student’s college experience which starts with providing a healthy breakfast every morning to every student. All students are also able to have fresh fruit at recess and lunch without question.

Margaret Jurd College also maintains strong links with services that provide material aid and financial relief.

College Rules

One of the critical elements to the success of the Margaret Jurd College, is our commitment to the positive outcomes of our students. To do this, we have in place a set of guidelines and rules that provide a roadmap that encourages respectful behaviour and expectations. These include:

  • Follow staff directions
  • Use Manners
  • Attempt all work
  • Be committed to their own educational and personal growth
  • Be supportive of other student’s learning
  • Be understanding of the needs of others

A full list of our college rules is supplied in our Enrolment-Handbook.