Parents and Caregivers Information

All applications are processed in line with the Margaret Jurd College Enrolment Policy, as outlined in the Enrolment Handbook. If the application is successful Parents / Caregivers will be issued with an Offer of Enrolment containing the College’s conditions of enrolment. This document must be signed and returned prior to the student’s commencement.

Prior to commencement all students and parents will be requested to attend a meeting with the student’s allocated caseworker to complete all of the necessary consent forms. Students taking prescribed medication during College hours must provide the medication in Webster packs. Caseworkers will be able to assist parents with all of the finer details of commencing your child’s enrolment such as DET Special Transport applications, Centrepay forms etc.

In accepting enrolment at Margaret Jurd College, Parents and Caregivers are agreeing to the following:

  1. Payment of College Fees
  2. Conditions of Enrolment – as outlined in the Offer of Enrolment Contract
  3. Parent Caregiver Responsibilities – as outlined in the Offer of Enrolment Contract

If you have any questions or require help in completing the application form or in accessing the relevant document requested e.g. birth certificates, immunisation records, specialist reports etc.; DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL US on (02) 4951 7314 or (02) 4951 7345. A member of the casework team will be able to help you through the process.

We look forward to being able provide your child with the specialised education they require in order to meet their goals and find success in education.