College Rules

  • Respect the property, person, thoughts, feelings and beliefs of yourself and others
  • No violence, verbal abuse or abusive behaviours
  • No spitting (spitting at a person is classed as a violent act and treated as such)
  • No bullying, harassment, discrimination or vilification (name calling, leaving people out, threatening, intimidation, setting people up, making others pick on someone)
  • No deliberate damage to property – this includes graffiti
  • No stealing or stolen property
  • No sexual harassment (physical or verbal)
  • No sex, sexting, sexual contact or pornography
  • No cyber bullying (bullying using mobile phones, MSN, Facebook etc.)
  • No drugs, drug taking paraphernalia or alcohol and no coming to the College under the influence of drugs or alcohol – this includes prescription and non-prescription medication
  • No smoking
  • No weapons
  • No swearing
  • No leaving the premises without permission
  • Margaret Jurd College maintains a “hands off rule. Students and staff are to respect each other’s personal space and refrain from physical contact.”

Refusal to complete detention will receive one warning only. If refusal continues the student may be suspended.

Continual refusal to follow College rules may result in the student being exited.

Continual refusal to participate in the College program may result in the student being exited.

We have a great relationship with our neighbours who do their best to look out for the kids at this College. Please assist us in maintaining this relationship by staying out of their yards and not loitering around the front of their homes.

Students are not permitted to enter neighbours’ property or sit along their fences. No loitering outside the Catholic Church or the Catholic School.


The following items will be confiscated:

  • Mobile phones are permitted to be kept by students for access to music, however are not to be accessed during class time without the explicit permission of the classroom teacher. Students who refuse to put their phone away or are continuously breaching this rule with have their phone confiscated. Mobile phones that are confiscated will be handed back to the student at the end of the day.
  • Cigarettes, lighters or sharp implements, they will be confiscated. Sharp items will be disposed of.
  • Material that contains inappropriate content e.g. drug references, violence, explicit language, nudity or sexual content. 
  • Energy drinks, e.g. v, Mother, Red Bull etc. Items that are confiscated will be held in office until collected by the students’ parents / caregivers. Any items not collected after two weeks will be disposed of.

Behavioural Expectation

  • Follow staff direction
  • Attempt all work
  • Be committed to your own educational and personal growth
  • Be supportive of other student learning
  • Be understanding of the needs of others

College rules are subject to change from time to time. Parents will be notified in writing of any upcoming rule change with an explanation of why the College has made the change and how the change benefits your child.