School Uniforms and Student Packs

The College provides uniforms to all students comprising:

Boys and Girls:

3 x school polo shirts

3 x school shorts

2 x school track suit pants

1 x school jumper

1 x school jacket

1 x Non Slip Leather Fully Enclosed Shoes to the value of $100.00 (Leather Joggers)

No ballet flats, no canvas slip on shoes, no joggers with fabric mesh inserts.

Uniforms are only available through the College.

Students who do not want to wear school track pants are able to supply their own pants however they must be solid navy blue (the same shade as the supplied uniform) with no printing or logos

Tights and jeans are not permitted.

Please note the College is greatly appreciative for the funding received through Lenity Australia to cover the cost of students uniforms and shoes.

Student Packs

The school sells student packs containing all of the stationary needs that your child will require to start school.  Just as with the uniforms these packs are sold at cost to students.  We also stock Casio FX82AU Plus calculators and resell them at cost.

During back to school sales you may be able to purchase them at an even lower cost that the school can provide. The Casio FX 82AU PLUS is an essential item for all students at the school.  It is a requirement of the school certificate and is used in class ever week.