Education Program Information

Years covered:          Years 9 to 12

Genders:                    Both Male and Female

Number of classes:   4

Class size:                 Average of 15

This program is delivered by teachers employed for their specific areas of expertise and commitment to disadvantaged young people. Students are provided with an alternative education program covering the NSW Curriculum in line with NSW Office of The Board of Studies Syllabus documents and course descriptors.

Individual Educational Programs with learning scaffolded to ensure that all students’ individual needs are targeted. The timetable is arranged in a way that ensures that indicative hours of study are covered for all mandatory Key Learning Areas.

The program is developed in such a manner that the individual learning needs of all students are addressed through the practical application of the units of work covered. Innovative teaching strategies ensure that students are able to engage in learning and gain a practical understanding of the work covered.

Within a small school setting teachers are able to individually address the academic, physical and emotional needs of each student. Curriculum adjustments are implemented to address individual student needs.

On arrival, our students generally have never received any awards or recognition for their positive efforts. At Margaret Jurd College this changes as their positive choices and efforts are recognised through a variety of measures. Our aim is to move from external reinforcement to internal.

The reward of a certificate or a pen is lovely in the beginning but the students soon move to desire the reward of confidence in learning as they increase in knowledge and skill. Assessments within the College are geared at assessing against self, i.e. recognising improvement within the students own academic journey. This is essential to avert from any competitive structure that can have a negative impact on students’ already low self-esteem.