Case Management

For students who have been through the trauma of being asked to leave one or many schools the idea of trying again is daunting to say the least. That is why the casework program at Margaret Jurd College is so important. Casework is the glue that helps the student to stick in there and finally feel success. Without the casework team, Margaret Jurd College would be just another school that doesn’t understand; this is how it works.

All students at Margaret Jurd College are provided with case management through our 6 qualified Caseworkers. Case Management enables young people to set their goals and take practical steps toward achieving them. Strategies are explored and implemented, fine-tuned constantly until the student finds something that works for them. Students learn how to look toward their future and strategically understand the impact their choices and behaviours have.

Case management also provides valuable emotional care and support as students work though the issues that culminate in adverse behaviours. The key to casework, like any other component of their education; students need to want it. If the student has no desire to be here, nor any desire to change their future, then nothing we as a College can do will change that.

Casework can assist these students to find an alternative placement or even self-exit without using past self-destructive behaviours in order to get expelled.