welcome to a school unlike any other

Margaret Jurd College welcomes enquiries about enrolment for anyone who has a young person in their lives that is seeking a holistic and alternative option to mainstream secondary schooling.

A place to belong

Here students defy their own expectations because our committed, open-minded and passionate team think differently. We take the time to understand the why and support students to find their unique path. More than a school, our community of students and staff is a judgement-free environment, where we see the person. A place of acceptance where uniqueness is celebrated, students connect with like-minded peers and potential is realised through the belief that one size doesn’t fit all. 

we do things differently

We understand that working together collaboratively and leveraging people’s strengths allows us to efficiently achieve our goals and work towards our common vision. We celebrate diversity. We are respectful of educational and welfare priorities at different parts of our journey and this allows us to grow our potential.