Our Partners

As with so many schools, the needs of Margaret Jurd College and its students outstrip the means available, so funding remains a constant challenge in a competitive market. The College is however fortunate to have a small and dedicated community of organisations and business along with the Uniting Church of Australia, that provide some in-kind and funding support.   

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to each of the following organisations for their support.

Margaret Jurd College isn’t an average secondary college. It is an alternative education option for young people, which is provided because of the support of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA). The ongoing support of UCA has provided financial support that has included student support, staff development and a range of school facilities.

Our thanks also to the Hunter Presbytery that for more than 30 years has been an integral part of our work and enabled the college to train and support our terrific team of teachers and support staff.

Margaret Jurd College exists in its current form thanks to the generosity of the Wallsend-Shortland Multi Centre Congregation. In 2010, the Congregation gifted land for the school’s current campus at Sandgate Road, Shortland.

Gordon-Pymble Uniting Church believes that all persons are created in the image of God and are therefore entitled to love and respect.

Gordon-Pymble Uniting Church wants to celebrate unity in diversity, which has been one of the building blocks of the Uniting Church in Australia.


The needs of a secondary college that exists to support some of our community’s most vulnerable are as complex as they are diverse.

Margaret Jurd College provides opportunities for businesses, organisations and individuals to partner with us to support our students on their educational journey. From donating money to help purchase school uniforms and shoes or by providing in-kind resources that include computers, educational materials and school equipment, there are many ways that organizations can assist.

If you think you might be able to support, please contact us on 02 4951 7314