New students


Margaret Jurd College caters for all students of years 9 to 12.

Every student is provided with a personal, tailored education program which covers the state curriculum and is approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

The size of classes is restricted to 12 to 15 students. This small setting allows teachers to dedicate time solely to all students, ensuring their academic, physical and emotional needs are met. Margaret Jurd College places equal focus on supporting remediated needs so that students who may have gaps in their education can meet the minimal required standards.

Who can apply

Margaret Jurd College invites young people who seek to undertake secondary education from years 9 and 12 who are unable to maintain mainstream schooling for reasons that might include mental illness, challenging behaviour or educational disadvantage due to life circumstance.

The majority of our students have a mental health diagnosis, behavioural challenge or Autism and are supported with a holistic and supportive framework designed to help them achieve their personal educational goals.

To help us ensure that we can provide the best possible educational support we ask that all conditions are disclosed upon enrolment or at the time of diagnosis by the student’s Psychiatrist, Psychologist or GP. Prospective students without this documentation will be considered for enrolment and supported through the process of obtaining such evidence.

Start the Process

Start the enrolment process by reaching out to the school.

Take a look through our handbook to make sure you're ready.


One of the important elements of the Margaret Jurd College is to ensure that education is accessible to all students.  

College fees are just $30 per week (excluding holidays). Fees are a contribution toward the following costs:

  • Breakfast, recess and lunch daily
  • Stationary
  • Sport
  • Excursions
  • School Camp
  • Educational resources
  • Transport costs to and from sport, excursions and camp.

N.B Occasionally an opportunity will arise that is not budgeted for. Parents will be asked to pay for this cost if their child wants to participate. The $30 fee can be subsidised or completely waived in the event of financial hardship. Students who are unable to pay fees are not denied access to any of the program’s activities.


The College provides uniforms to all students comprising:

  • 3 x College polo shirts
  • 1 x College microfibre jacket

Along with provided College polo, it is a requirement that students wear navy blue or black items of clothing inclusive of;

  • Mid-thigh to knee length shorts
  • Pants inclusive of track-pants, chinos, jeans or dress pants
  • Jumper, cardigan

It is a requirement that students wear closed in shoes.