New Students

A place to belong

Here students defy their own expectations because our committed, open-minded and passionate team think differently. We take the time to understand the why and support students to find their unique path. More than a school, our community of students and staff is a judgement-free environment, where we see the person. A place of acceptance where uniqueness is celebrated, students connect with like-minded peers and potential is realised through the belief that one size doesn’t fit all. 

Our Program

Margaret Jurd College Tuncurry caters for all students of years 9 to 10.

Every student is provided with a personal, tailored education program which covers the Australian Curriculum (NSW Version) and is approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

The size of classes is restricted to 12 to 15 students. This small setting allows teachers to dedicate time solely to all students, ensuring their academic, physical and emotional needs are met. Margaret Jurd College places equal focus on supporting remediated needs so that students who may have gaps in their education can meet the minimal required standards.


Margaret Jurd College Tuncurry invites young people who seek to undertake secondary education from years 9 and 10 who are unable to maintain mainstream schooling for reasons that might include mental illness, challenging behaviour or educational disadvantage due to life circumstance.

The majority of our students have a mental health diagnosis, behavioural challenge or Autism and are supported with a holistic and supportive framework designed to help them achieve their personal educational goals.

To help us ensure that we can provide the best possible educational support we ask that all conditions are disclosed upon enrolment or at the time of diagnosis by the student’s Psychiatrist, Psychologist or GP. Prospective students without this documentation will be considered for enrolment and supported through the process of obtaining such evidence.


Start the enrolment process by reaching out to the school.